Federal Target Letter Case Results

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Case Result

NO CHARGES FILED. The United States Attorney’s office sent a “target letter” to our client informing him that he is the target of a federal investigation. Our client quickly hired our legal team. We were able to demonstrate to federal agents and the federal prosecutor that our client was a bit player in the criminal enterprise and that our client was an asset to the government as a cooperating witness. As a result, our client was never arrested and his record remains spotless.

Additional Case Results

Our client was a target of the FBI and the DEA. The federal agents were playing a game of cat and mouse by conducting relentless surveillance at all times of the day and night, sometimes openly and obviously so as to put pressure on our client to cooperate and speak with the agents just so that they would go away. Our client had no interest in speaking to any agents due to safety concerns for himself and his family. Despite multiple requests by the lead federal case agent, we essentially called their “bluff” as it turns out that the federal agents did not have sufficient evidence to arrest our client and merely had assumed guilt by association.

NOTE: The above case results are a small sample of results obtained by attorney Tim Bower Rodriguez. Additional case results wherein our law firm obtained not guilty trial verdicts, appellate convictions and sentence reversals, sentence reductions, United States sentencing guidelines downward departures, downward variances pursuant to 18 USC 3553(a), are available upon request.

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